The Network seeks to set the arena for permanent debate and promotion, while becoming a specialized centre, working side by side with social organizations of the Ibero-American countries towards the incorporation of the principles stated by the CRPD in all social actions, with the ultimate goal of guaranteeing full exercise and enjoyment by persons with disabilities of every right inherent to their human condition.

The Network aims to:

  • Promote and implement the different communication channels among the several social players that influence the application of the CRPD principles in the Ibero-American region, such as civil society, governments, National Human Rights Institutions, and academic institutions;
  • Elaborate reports on weak points or errors; initiate disputes, and take part in promotional actions both nationally and internationally.
  • Facilitate access to knowledge and promote debate among governmental officers and committees in charge of governmental policies monitoring.
  • Promote debate and reflection on theoretical and practical aspects of the CRPD;
  • Monitor the actual situation of rights exercising and enjoyment by persons with disabilities;
  • Elaborate different documents and other material on disability with general and technical scopes.